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 Jutsu System

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Ika Mazi

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PostSubject: Jutsu System   Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:20 am

Depending on tier, you will have a specific number of Jutsu you can use.

4 Tier: None
3-5: 1 Jutsu
3-4: 2 Jutsu
3-3: 4 Jutsu
3-2: 5 Jutsu
3-1: 6 Jutsu
2-5: 8 Jutsu
2-4: 9 Jutsu
2-3: 10 Jutsu
2-2: 12 Jutsu
2-1: 13 Jutsu
1-5: 15 Jutsu
1-4: 16 Jutsu
1-3: 18 Jutsu
1-2: 20 Jutsu
1-1: 21 Jutsu
0-5: 23 Jutsu
0-4: 25 Jutsu
0-3: 27 Jutsu
0-2: 30 Jutsu

"But not all Jutsu are created equally"

Of course they're not. Which is why we have that taken care of Smile

S Rank Jutsu cannot be used unless you are tier 1-3 or higher. 1-3 can have 1, and every tier thereafter can have 1 more than the tier before. 0-2 Can essentially have 6 S-Rank Jutsu.
A Rank Jutsu- Cannot be used unless you are 2-3 or higher. Every tier after 2-3 can have one more than 2-3's can have, and 2-3's can have 1. 0-2 could have 11 essentially.
B Rank Jutsu: Can't use till you are tier 3-1. You can only have one B-Rank Jutsu at tier 3-1, and every tier thereafter is a space for one more B-Rank Jutsu. Could have 14 at 0-2.
C Rank Jutsu: Must be tier 3-4 to use these, but you'll only have one. Every tier after will have one more. Could have 17 at tier 0-2.
D Rank Jutsu: Anyone can use. Obviously a 3-5 can only use one jutsu anyway, so moot point.
E Rank Jutsu: You need to be able to use these before you can even graduate so yeah...
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Jutsu System
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